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Young Mother and Green Chillies

Young Mother and Green Chillies

Item Description:


Oil on canvas


60 x 36 in. (152.4 x 91.4 cm.)

Signed and dated 'RAMACHANDRAN / 2004' with artist's stamp lower right and inscribed and further signed 'YOUNG MOTHER AND GREEN CHILLIES / RAMACHANDRAN / 2004' on reverse


Rupika Chawla, A. Ramachandran Bahurupi, New Delhi, 2009, p. 147, illustrated.

Ramachandran’s two most engaging subjects are the lotus pond in all its beauty of flowers, leaves and curling tendrils, and the Rajasthani maiden characterised by her strong facial features and lean, shapely body. The current work was created in 2004, the same year that K. Bikram Singh and Sudhesh Unniraman produced a documentary titled Lotus Pond: The World of Ramachandran on the artists’ life and work.

The inspiration for Ramachandran’s female is the Bhil women of Rajasthan. They are always shown in bright, colourful clothes, heads draped with printed odnis, usually worn for the sole purpose of covering up any part of the body that is exposed. Their roles vary, from the carefree girls who embody all that youth and childhood offer, to young women on the brink of attaining maturity and assuming responsibilities, to serene mother figures with their newborns safely ensconced by them.

The current work depicts a young mother sitting calmly with a sleeping baby cradled in her lap. The reality of her everyday life is represented in the form of a basket of green chillies placed on a woven, cotton mat placed in front of her. She sits serenely, her brightly printed blouse and skirt offset by the contrasting yellow odni with bold, blue flowers. In an instinctive, maternal gesture, she holds the baby with one hand while the sleeping child clings tightly onto the fingers of her other hand. Both mother and child are surrounded by a halo-like mass of intertwining lotus leaves and flowers in soft, subdued tones of red and green. The idyllic scene of mother and child is juxtaposed against the sober colours and geometric patterns of the lower half of the canvas, highlighting the two parallel worlds of the young woman.

The features of Ramachandran’s women, including the figure here, are highly idealised. The inspiration for this ‘ideal form’ came during the many hours he spent in Rajasthan, sketching the members of a Bhil family, the head of which he became extremely close to. One of the daughters, a young fourteen year old girl, became his muse. The artist explains, ‘She was one of Dhowaraji’s children and had an oval face, broad forehead… eyes with golden pupils. She had a flat little nose, punctuated with a nose pin, a twisted bow like upper lip and a lower one which opened like a palash flower. Her sharp chin had a cleft supported by a long graceful neck. All these features together with a slender adolescent body fitted well into my search for the ideal form.’ (Rupika Chawla, Ramachandran Icons of the Raw Earth, Bangalore, 1999, p. 38)

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Young Mother and Green Chillies

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