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William Corasick (American, 1907-2002), Untitled, 1960, oil/mixed media on canvas, signed

William Corasick (American, 1907-2002), Untitled, 1960, oil/mixed media on canvas, signed

Item Description:

Signed "Corasick" lower right, dated "1960" on stretcher verso, framed


Minor soiling. Please contact cataloging@lofty.com for specific condition questions. Not examined out of the frame. Lofty does not guarantee the condition or authenticity of frames.


Private collection, Chappaqua, New York


Height 34 in.

Width 40 in.

About The Artist:

William Corasick (1907-2002) was an American artist who lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Several different 20th century artistic movements, notably Cubism, Abstraction, and Orphism, influenced Corasick's artwork throughout his career, and his painting style alternated between abstract figurative and totally nonobjective. The artist studied at the Barnes Foundation, located outside of Philadelphia, which holds perhaps the greatest collection of early Modern art in the United States. Corasick was a member of the Philadelphia Art Alliance and won numerous awards throughout his lifetime. He exhibited at the National Academy of Design and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Arts.

The non-objective, gestural brushstrokes and the bright colors that Corasick used in this artwork may have been inspired by the work of European artists Wassily Kandinsky and Charles Delaunay. Delaunay was one of the main proponents of the Orphism movement, which blended color theory and geometric abstract forms to create bold, harmonious compositions. Corasick used heavy impasto for this painting, a technique of applying thick layers or strong dabs of paint to the canvas using a palette knife instead of a brush. In the subject painting, these heavy splotches of color vibrate against each other, producing an energetic and vibrant composition. To control these wild interactions of bright colors and give a sense of structure to the work, Corasick applied lengths of string to the canvas radiating from the points in the composition with the brightest colors. The string not only references the early Cubist collages of Picasso and Braque, but adds further three dimensionality to the impasto.


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