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Tari Legong (Legong Dance)

Tari Legong (Legong Dance)

Item Description:

Nyoman Gunarsa’s paintings are among the most dynamic and expressive portrayal of women in Balinese art or art about Bali.
Born in Klungkung, Bali, in 1944, Nyoman Gunarsa grew up in an older Kamasan painting tradition, which flourished in the Klungkung courts in the 17th century. He admired the visual and performing arts of his region, and felt that he needed to study it even further. However, in Klungkung he felt that he could no longer develop. Therefore, after completing Junior High School, he left for Yogyakarta.
There, he enrolled in the Indonesian Fine Arts Academy (ASRI), where he studied under the tutelage of Abas Alibasyah, Widayat, and Fajar Sidik, among others. In 1963, his work received the Affandi Prize in 1976. That same year, after studying for 17 years, Gunarsa finally graduated from the academy and subsequently became an instructor there.
Among other Balinese artists, Nyoman Gunarsa stands out prominently. What distinguishes him from the rest is his highly individual expressive and dynamic style of painting, which he developed in 1970. Since his shift to his current style, his treatment of human figures have developed from a more realistic approach to a highly stylized approach similar to the Balinese wayang shadow puppets.
Gunarsa's paintings are composed of various brushstrokes, and they become more rapid and energetic to accentuate edges and indicate movement.
Like Balinese music, the rhythm of the painting keeps oscillating from a slow calm pace to a fast and dynamic climax, and vice-versa. While the brushstrokes seem to portray rhythm in the painting, the colors that he uses appear to represent the different types of musical instruments used in a Balinese gamelan orchestra. During his life, Nyoman Gunarsa was known as an accomplished dancer as well as a painter. It even appears as though the artist listens to Balinese music as he paints.
Although Nyoman Gunarsa featured figures of women prominently in his paintings, he does not use them as objects of pleasure or desire. Rather, the women in Nyoman's paintings, like the Legong dancer here, become a vehicle through which he expresses his own explosive artistic energy.


The painting is in good condition


oil on canvas


signed and dated (lower right): artists monogram 2002


Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity published by the family of the artist and signed by Indrawati Gunarsa the wife of the artist. framed


95 x 95 cm (include frame 138 x 138 cm)

About The Artist:

Nyoman Gunarsa

Rp 40000000.00 ( Sold Price )



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