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Stephen Antonakos (American, 1926-2013), "Untitled", colored pencil on French Plastivellum, 20th century

Stephen Antonakos (American, 1926-2013), "Untitled", colored pencil on French Plastivellum, 20th century

Item Description:

Colored pencil on French Plastivellum, framed, bearing a stamp from the artist's studio on reverse


Appears fine. Please contact for specific condition questions.
Not examined out of the frame. Lofty does not guarantee the condition or authenticity of frames.


Private collection


Sight: Height 6.25 in. x Width 6.25 in.

Frame: Height 11.25 in. x Width 11.25 in.

About The Artist:

Stephen Antonakos was a Greek-American sculptor and installation artist known for his neon environments. Antonakos was born in Greece in 1926 and moved to New York with his family in 1930. He was educated at the New York Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences in Brooklyn and worked as a commercial illustrator. During the 1950s, Antonakos experimented with assemblage, art made with assorted found objects. By the early 1960s, inspired by walking through the electric Midtown New York at night, he started to explore working with neon. To create these works, he first drew a sketch on paper, and then worked closely with industrial fabricators to synthesize his ideas.

Antonakos' art fits into the Minimalism movement, a style that eschewed ornamentation and representation in favor of the most basic, pure representation of the material and design, however, the glowing nature of his neon work is emotional and expressive, allowing his work to resonate with a broader audience. Many of Antonakos' designs rely on the viewer to complete the composition from the evidence they perceive. This technique, called Gestalt, let Antonakos explore the possibilities of using incomplete geometric forms. His work has been installed in public places across the United States as well as in Italy, Greece, Israel, and Japan.

Antonakos also worked in colored pencil on paper or vellum, a medium in which he was prolific. This simple work features a central blue cross floating over a textured navy ground. Rich in color, the depth and contrast is reminiscent of Antonakos' works in neon. Antonakos was fascinated by spirituality and perhaps the central cross is as a conscious reference to religion. The color blue is linked to faith, healing, and tranquility.


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