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Secessionist Style Glass Pitcher, possibly German or Austrian, ca. 1890-1910

Secessionist Style Glass Pitcher, possibly German or Austrian, ca. 1890-1910

Item Description:

The enameled clear glass pitcher with frosted body, hand painted with stylized leaves and geometric motifs in gold and white enamel, unsigned.


Good. Please contact for specific condition questions.


Height 10 in.

About The Artist:

In the late 1890's, the Secession Style ruled European art and design. In Austria a localised form of Art Nouveau was practised by artists of the Vienna Secession, and it is, therefore, known as the Sezessionstil ("Secession style"). As a stand-alone term, however, "Secession" is used frequently to describe the general characteristics of Art Nouveau style outside Vienna, but mostly in areas of Austria-Hungaryin the late nineteenth and beginning of the 20th century. Among the first to use the Secession Style in glass making were Frenchman Emile Galle and American Louis Comfort Tiffany. The style deserves credit in Bohemia for spurring a glassmaking revival through many creative impulses.

To create the design of this Secessionist Style glass pitcher, it first was submerged into an acid bath to frost the glass. It was then hand-painted with several layers of gold-on-gold and gold-on-white enamel, and finally fired to set the decoration.


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