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Seaboard Air Line Railway Co. #104681

Seaboard Air Line Railway Co. #104681

Item Description:

Four Certificates. The Seaboard Air-Line System name for marketing purposes began 1881.Before air travel air line was a common term for the shortest distance between two points. 1. Two temp.certificates TNY #5694 (I/C) issued Jan 13, 1930 and 18643 (I/U) issued Jan. 9, 1930 for 100 shares each, no par value. ORANGE, no vignette, embossed stamp.
2. Temporary cert. TYNO #1121, I/C, issued Jan 13, 1930, GREEN, no vignette, embossed seal.
3. W11927, I/U, common stock warrant, issued Jan 2, 1930 void after June 1, 1933. BROWN, no vignette, embossed seal.
American Bank Note Co. printer on all certificates. All EF or better State: City: Date: 1930



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