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Rookwood Art Pottery Matte Vase, Daffodil Pattern #2476, dated 1927

Rookwood Art Pottery Matte Vase, Daffodil Pattern #2476, dated 1927

Item Description:

In the Arts and Crafts style, with Rookwood Logo and "XXVII", indicating the date of 1927, with relief molded daffodils with finely shaded glaze.


Excellent. Please contact for specific condition questions.


Height 9 in.

Width 3 in. at the wides

About The Artist:

Rookwood Art Pottery opened in 1876 under Maria Longworth of Cincinatti, daughter of real estate tycoon, Joseph Longworth. The pottery was named after the Longworth family estate in Cincinnati. Maria believed that the key to creating fine art was to create an environment filled with talent, ideas and inspiration, so she hired a team of famous artists, talented art students and glaze technicians and encouraged them to be creative, to try new subjects, new techniques and new mediums. In 1889, Rookwood was awarded the First Prize Gold Medal at the Paris Exposition Universelle. This was a shock to the international artistic community who had never focused on American ceramics. In less than a decade after starting as a hobby pottery shop, Rookwood had grown to become a company with an international reputation for ceramic excellence and was the first to gain artistic recognition and respect for the United States. The pottery is still in production today.


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