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Robert Waltsak (American, b. 1944), "Beach Umbrellas", oil on canvas, contemporary

Robert Waltsak (American, b. 1944), "Beach Umbrellas", oil on canvas, contemporary

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Sight: Height 16 in. x Width 20 in.

Frame: Height 22 in. x Width 26 in.

About The Artist:

Robert Alan Waltsak grew up in Newark, New Jersey and is a contemporary American Impressionist painter. He attended the Ridgewood Art Institute in New Jersey, the Newark School of Fine Arts, and the School of Visual Arts in New York. He has been exhibited at the Hastings on Hudson Museum and at the Ridgewood Juried Show, where he won an award in 2002. Not only is he an accomplished painter, but also a notable woodworker. He has made furniture for the sets of Broadway's hit production "Wicked" and "Fortune's Fool". Waltsak lives and works in New Jersey and he is represented by a number of galleries in the Northeast United States.

Impressionist works are characterized by broad, expressive brushstrokes and the careful and accurate depiction of light and shadow. The first Impressionist painters in the nineteenth century were some of the first artists to paint en plein air, a French artistic term meaning "in the open air", or outdoors. Waltsak continues this tradition, as depicting natural light is important to his work's purpose. Frank DuMond, of the twentieth century American Impressionists and one of Waltsak's major influences also painted outdoors to capture the natural light. Waltsak's bright palette is very similar to that of DuMond. Waltsak's mission in painting is to "achieve nature" on the canvas, and to paint the variations of light and shadow of the landscape. He paints the sunlight touching the world around him during all seasons and all times of day, giving his oeuvre, or breadth of work, an ever changing and evolving quality.


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