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Rare museum-class giant Callopterus fish fossil

Rare museum-class giant Callopterus fish fossil

Item Description:

Rare museum-class giant Callopterus fish fossil, Jurassic (Toarcian) Period, c. 183 - 175.6 million years ago, Germany. Fish of the Callopterus sp. were a large, Jurassic predatory animal. This fish had stunning fins, most notably, a very large, fine caudal (tail) fin. In the relatively few specimens known, the caudal fin is often not visible. The specimen offered here is not only in impeccable preserved, but the fish retains lovely form, straight with no deformation or twisting of the body. Most impressive is the perfectly spread and preserved large caudal fin! The anal, pectoral and dorsal fins are also spread and fully open which just makes this rare specimen even more beautiful and scarce. The concave depressions in a few areas show fossil bone, and are not a result of damage when the plate split. Rather, this is evidence of the fish being buried pressed against several clams in the same layer, which indented into the body. The limestone slab is heavy with an approximate average thickness of half an inch. The entire reverse side has been reinforced with epoxy resin and fiberglass, and a custom fabricated steel mounting brace has been attached to the back and allows this large slab to be safely hung on a wall that is structurally sound. This specimen is 100% original, with no fabrication. This fossil's detail can be attributed to the meticulous manual hand preparation in the manner that museum fossils were prepared a hundred years ago. Of the utmost scarcity, this specimen is absolutely incomparable to the enormous supply of fish fossils from the United States (Green River - Wyoming). Overall: 37 ½ in x 47 in; Fish: 24 inches in length. Ex Florida private collection.


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