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Peristiwa Pasar Turi (Pasar Turi Incident)

Peristiwa Pasar Turi (Pasar Turi Incident)

Item Description:

Sochieb is known as a painter who often interprets historic scenes, mostly battle scenes of Surabaya, which is known as Indonesia’s City of Heroes, as many heroes had fallen there around November 1945. This scene tells of the Incident of the Turi Market, which happened between 17-19 September 1945. The Turi Market is adjacent to the Turi Market Railway Station, which explains why the painting is set in what seems to be a Railway station.

Since the arrival of the Dutch who smuggled themselves into Surabaya, and almost at the same time as the release of the Dutch internees from the camps, the atmosphere in Surabaya started to heat up because of mutual suspicion between the youth and the International Red Cross (Intercross). The youth of Surabaya had just carried out a series of activities to commemorate the month of the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence by holding a general meeting at Pasar Turi Field on September 17, 1945. Meanwhile, there was news that the first group of Allied personnel, from Mastiff Carbolic under the leadership of Lieutenant Antonissen, had arrived by parachute at Gunungsari Surabaya. The Mastiff Carbolic party is one of a number of groups organized by the Anglo Dutch Country Section (ADCS) batch 136. During World War II, ADCS was an espionage organization that was sent to Sumatra, Malaya (Malaysia) and Java secretly. After the Japanese surrendered they were deployed, among others, in Jakarta and Surabaya to gather information about the condition of the camps. Upon hearing about the landing, the Japanese army then picked Antonissen up and escorted him to the Hotel Yamato.

On Wednesday 19 September 1945, while the Mastiff Carbolic leader visited the Japanese Army Headquarters, some of its members along with the Dutch who joined the Social Contact Committee flew the Dutch Red-White-Blue flag. They were confronted by the Surabayans, who were poor, had been colonized by the Japanese, didn't have enough food to eat, and had no weapons. Their sense of patriotism could not be contained. The stormed the hotel, and tore the blue part of the Dutch flag. Unfortunately, the fighting at the hotel resulted in casualties.

The scene in the painting seems to be when the Indonesian Youth had just come from out of the Turi Market Station, about to head towards the Hotel Yamato.


At the bottom left of the canvas there is a hole about 10 cm


oil on canvas


signed (lower right): Sochieb


120 x 195 cm

About The Artist:


Rp 10000000.00 ( Sold Price )



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