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Pengerebongan (Traditional Ceremony in Bali)

Pengerebongan (Traditional Ceremony in Bali)

Item Description:

Pengerebongan is a magical procession of the union of Pertiwi (earth) and Akasa (sky/outer space). This tradition is held eight days after Kuningan Day, specifically on a Radite (Sunday) Pon Wuku Medangsia according to the Balinese calendar system. The Ngerebong ceremony is a reminder for the Balinese to maintain a harmonious relationship between humans and God, between humans and another humans, and between humans and the universe (the concept of Tri Hita Karana).

After the Pemedek procession in which the Balinese come and pray in the temple, the participants will come out of the main temple and carry out the ritual of Ngerebong by rotating around the Wantilan temple hall three times. During the rotation around the Wantilan, one or more of the Pemedek will be possessed or enter into a mass trance. Usually, the possessed Pemedek will scream, cry, growl, or even do other violent actions, such as stabbing sharp weapons into their bodies, chests, necks, even their heads. The community believes that there is a spirit that possesses the Pemedek, therefore their bodies will not be injured by any sharp weapons.This ritual is accompanied by traditional music and several Barong and Rangda dances. The Pengerebongan ceremony, which presents the sacred power of God/Goddess from heaven to the human world, is also known as the Bhuta Yadnya Ceremony because it is done to maintain harmony between the universe and humans.

This ceremony is commonly done at the Petilan Pengerebongan Temple in Kesiman, Denpasar


The painting is in good condition


tempera on canvas


signed (lower right): N. Darmana Peliatan Ubud Bali


130 x 200 cm



About The Artist:

I Nyoman Darmana




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