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Paul Cadmus (American, 1904-1999), "Reclining Male Nude, NM 240", ca. 1980, charcoal and colored crayons on paper

Paul Cadmus (American, 1904-1999), "Reclining Male Nude, NM 240", ca. 1980, charcoal and colored crayons on paper

Item Description:

Signed and titled " Cadmus/ NM 240" lower right, exhibition and gallery labels affixed to the reverse, two from Midtown Payson Galleries, two from DC Moore Gallery, one from Barr & Ochsner, matted and framed

Exhibited: New York, DC Moore Gallery, "Paul Cadmus: 90 Years of Drawing", 5 May - 19 June, 1998

Basel, Switzerland, Barr & Ochsner, GmbH, exhibition booth at Art Basel, 1999


Rippling to upper edge of paper, see photos. Please contact for specific condition questions and to request a full condition report. Not examined out of the frame. Lofty does not guarantee the condition or authenticity of frames.


Private collection


Sight: Height 10 9/16" x Width 11 13/16"

Frame: Height 19 1/2 in. x Width 18 1/2 in.

About The Artist:

Paul Cadmus was an American artist who was born in New York City in 1904. He was well known for his satirical paintings and drawings of male nudes. His parents were also artists and at only age fourteen, he left public school and entered the National Academy of Design and the Arts Students League.

In 1931, Cadmus traveled to the Mediterranean with his lover and teacher Jared French. When they returned in 1933, Cadmus joined the Public Works of Art Project, a federal art program designed to employ artists during the Great Depression. Cadmus presented The Fleet's In at a WPA show at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, D.C. The painting showed sexually curious navy men engaging in general debauchery and being propositioned by prostitutes. The painting was so controversial that it was removed from the show, but Cadmus received instant notoriety as an artist and satirist. Public outcries ensued throughout the 1930s when Cadmus exhibited his painting Coney Island and series Aspects of Suburban Life. By the time Cadmus' one man show was organized at Midtown Galleries in New York in 1937, he was already very well known. The exhibition received more than 7,000 spectators. Through the 1930s and 1940s Cadmus continued to paint controversial works. He was introduced to the medium of egg tempera in 1940.

Cadmus' continued success earned him the recognition of the National Institute of Arts and Letters. In 1961, he received a grant from the Institute and he soon began to work on a series of male nude figures using the Renaissance technique of chiaroscuro, the dramatic effect of contrasting light and shadow. It was through this project that Cadmus met model Jon Anderson, the \"Nantucket Man" on Nantucket Island in 1964. The two lovers would remain together until Cadmus' death in 1999.

Cadmus became the subject of a 1984 documentary \"Paul Cadmus: Enfant Terrible\". His work is represented in numerous major public collections, including the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.

"Reclining Male Nude, NM 240" is one of hundreds of sketches that Cadmus drew of Jon Anderson, his lover, whom he met in 1964. Cadmus called Jon the "Nantucket Man", and the letters "NM" in the title refer to this nickname. In this sketch, Cadmus has drawn Anderson lying on a bed, head turned away, with his arm outstretched. Cadmus used soft white and gray to draw Jon's languorous, muscular body, making his skin glow against the cool blue ground of the paper.


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