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Pair of Ormolu Mounted Sevres Style Porcelain Urns, ca. 1900

Pair of Ormolu Mounted Sevres Style Porcelain Urns, ca. 1900

Item Description:

Bearing pseudo Sevres hallmarks for mid-18th century, in Bleu Celeste pattern.
The Sevres porcelain factory produced ceramics in Vincennes, France. During the Rococo period, Madame de Pompadour, the mistress to King Louis XV was its main patron, and she often dictated what the factory produced. During this period, the factory created porcelain in the Rococo style, consisting of curvilinear shapes, decorative scrolls, and ornate mounts and applications. Sevres of this period is also characterized by the pastel ground colors such as this Bleu Celeste, or turquoise ground. This particular vase is decorated with Ormolu, an 18th-century English term for applying finely ground, high-carat gold tone bronze.


One lid has a chip and a crack. Please contact for specific condition questions.


Shipped to current owner's grandparents by a family friend who lived in Brussels, Belgium, in 1929. Inherited by current owner. Seller retains the letter from the 1929 shipment.


Height 25 in.


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