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Orangina. 1984.

Orangina. 1984.

Item Description:

Artist: BERNARD VILLEMOT (1911-1989)
Size: 93 1/4 x 62 5/8 in./236.7 x 159.2 cm
Condition: A.
Reference: Villemot, checklist; PAI-XLVIII, 513
Key Words: Contemporary; Food/Drink

Orangina. 1984.
Villemot created several memorable campaigns for mineral waters—Perrier, Contrex and Vichy—but none so memorable as his thirty-plus year association with Orangina, the lightly-carbonated, slightly pulpy orange drink. Beginning in 1953 with an image showing a spiraling orange peel serving as a cafe-table umbrella, he animated change after change on the orange spiral, never repeating himself in twenty-some posters and never ceasing to delight with his sunny, sophisticated inventions. This 2-sheet design casts the peel in the role of a power core, energizing the four shoreline dancers who have transformed from mere mortals into energized beings composed of pure citrus potency.

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