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Mele. 1908.

Mele. 1908.

Item Description:

Artist: ALDO MAZZA (1880-1964)
Size: 57 1/8 x 80 in./145.2 x 203 cm
Condition: A-/ Unobtrusive folds.
Printer: G. Ricordi, Milano
Reference: Ref: Mele, cat. 49; Menegazzi-I, 473; Menegazzi-II, 228; Menegazzi-III, 181; Italia che Cambia, 131; PAI-LIX, 442
Key Words: Art Nouveau; Fashion

Mele. 1908.
Like something out of My Fair Lady, a posh pair glide by in their afternoon finery. Taking a quick glance over her shoulder, the woman contentedly notes that she is the envy of everyone they pass. This two-sheet poster is the finest specimen we've ever seen!

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About The Artist:

ALDO MAZZA (1880-1964)



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