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Medals and Trial Pieces

Medals and Trial Pieces

Item Description:

Medals and Trial Pieces, South Africa, George V, Union of South Africa Official commemorative medal, 1910, lead impression from an obverse die, bare head l., GEORGIVS V BRITT: OMN: REX ET IND: IMP:, 36.18mm. (MYB.338; Laidlaw 0175), extremely fine
*ex Colin Mackennal Kraay Collection and Baldwin’s vault
The medal commemorates the opening of the first Parliament by the Duke of Connaught and awarded to those who took part. Also awarded to certain officers and men of HMS Balmoral Castle, a total of 551 medals was struck by the Royal Mint. The Royal Mint notes from 1983 have the caveat that the impression is ‘probably’ the South Africa medal.
‘A reduction punch with this head and inscription was finished on 27th September 1910. From this punch a matrix was made on 6th January 1911, but it would seem that by this time the striking of the South African medals had been completed and that the matrix was prepared primarily for Police Gallantry medal. The dies for the South African medal must therefore have come directly from the reduction punch and it may therefore be significant that the impression has been taken from a die and not a matrix. The argument in favour of a South African medal is strengthened by the fact that this was the first official medal to bear the effigy of George V’.




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