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Medals and Trial Pieces

Medals and Trial Pieces

Item Description:

Medals and Trial Pieces, Australia, George V, lead impression of the obverse matrix of 29.3.1911 for the Australian penny, crowned bust l., wearing ermine robes and neck badge of the Bath and Garter collar, signed B.M. on truncation, without legend, on a wide (46.76mm.) and thick (5.32mm.) planchet, extremely fine
*ex Colin Mackennal Kraay Collection and Baldwin’s vault
‘The matrix was sunk from a reduction punch which showed only the effigy and on which the table had been cut away so that the surface of the matrix could be improved. The punch was finished on 17th March 1911 and the records show that the matrix produced from it was worked on extensively by the engraver. This lead impression was taken at an early stage in the work before the inscription had been added and before damage to the orb of the crown had been repaired’.

$ 1,000.00 ( Low est. )
Lot 372 in Baldwin's of St James's Auction 41 - The New York Premier Sale
AUCTION DATE: Dec 3, 2019 at 5:30pm EST



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