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Martin Blank "Landscape" Glass Installation, 20 Pieces

Martin Blank "Landscape" Glass Installation, 20 Pieces

Item Description:

The monumental glass installation is comprised of twenty flame-like elements ranging from 7" to 33" in height.


very good, a few elements with blunted tips (we are uncertain if this is artist intent)


American; hot sculpted glass


several signed; 2011


Per conversation between the artist and Palm Beach Modern Auctions' Auctioneer, Martin Blank met with the client, who had a fish tank between two rooms at the Ritz Carlton. She didn't like the fish tank, so she had it removed and commissioned the glass installation as a replacement. That client's name is available upon request; contact or (561) 586-5500.


a) 33.5"h, 16"w, 15"d; b) 26.5"h, 8"w, 7.5"d; c) 26.25"h, 11.5'w, 11"d; d) 23.5"h, 17.5"w, 13"d; e) 22.5"h, 13"w, 10"d; f) 20.25"h, 8.25"w, 3.25"d; g) 17"h, 11.25"w, 11"d; h) 17"h, 11"w, 9.5"d; i) 15.5"h, 13"w, 8"d; j) 15.5"h, 11"w, 6"d; k) 15.5"h, 9.5"w, 6"d; l) 15"h, 9.5"w, 6"d; m) 13.5"h, 18"w, 15"d; n) 13"h, 8"w, 6"d; o) 11.5"h, 13"w, 9"d; p) 11"h, 13"w, 11"d; q) 10"h, 10.5"w, 6"d; r) 8.5"h, 8"w, 6"d; s) 7.25"h, 8.5"w, 7.5"d; t) 7"h, 6.25"w, 6"d


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About The Artist:

Martin Blank (b. 1962)

$ 25,000.00 ( Low est. )
Lot 120 in Modern Art & Design: 3 Sessions, Fall 2019
AUCTION DATE: Nov 9, 2019 at 12:00pm EST



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