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Loïe Fuller : Maquette. ca. 1925.

Loïe Fuller : Maquette. ca. 1925.

Item Description:

Artist: PAUL COLIN (1892-1986)
Size: 45 x 59 1/4 in./114.3 x 150.5 cm
Condition: Hand-signed gouache maquette. Framed.
Reference: Ref: PAI-LV, 254
Key Words: Art Deco; Artist: Colin; Dance; Loïe Fuller

Loïe Fuller : Maquette. ca. 1925.
Colin indicated that he had to make another poster for Loïe Fuller before actually meeting her (see PAI-LIII, 208), but that he created another thereafter—it was never printed, but was discovered in the office of his art school in Paris. This remarkable modernist vision with surrealist overtones stands on its own as an important document of Art Deco significance. It is interesting to compare the official, printed poster and this masterful maquette—whereas the poster still places the dancer in the eye of a prismatic hurricane, his artwork—doubtlessly enriched by having seen Fuller in person—casts the dancer as the very flame of pyrotechnic innovation, a flash-and-swirl of conflagrant colors to which no corporeal entity is attached. Colin, in a move that can be described as nothing short of genius, captures the precise spirit of the performer without requiring her presence. It's simply and utterly brilliant.

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PAUL COLIN (1892-1986)

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Loïe Fuller : Maquette. ca. 1925.

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