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LE PHO | Lady with Flower

LE PHO | Lady with Flower

Item Description:

102 x 74 cm
oil on canvas, framed
signed in English and lipu in Chinese lower right

黎譜《花與仕女》 油彩 畫布
款識:黎譜 Le Pho(右下)


The painting is overall in very good condition. Paint layers are stable with no sign of paint loss. The canvas is clean and taut. Under UV light: no sign of retouching is detected. The painting is framed.


Characterized by a softly defused palette of colors that is influenced by Le Pho’s exposure to French artistic movements such as impressionism in the 40s, Le Pho’s sumptuously painted interiors are some of the most sought after works of art in the international art market today.

Born in 1907 to the Viceroy of Tonkin, Le Pho grew up within a cultured and refined environment. He attended the École des Beaux-Arts de l’Indochine in Hanoi, and was taught by Victor Tardieu himself, the founder of the institute. After this period of study, he was given a scholarship to attend the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1932, where he was inspired by the post-impressionist works of Pierre Bonnard, a founding member of the avant-garde painters Les Nabis. The poetic, dreamlike quality of this painting, Lady with Flower, may be traced to the influence of Bonnard, which is accentuated by the delicate feminism that Le Pho’s works are known for.


1907年出生於越南,北圻,黎譜在一個有着深厚文化底蕴的家庭環境中長大。就学于印度支那美术学院(现名为越南美术大学),並由该校创始人校长维特.塔迪Victor Tardieu親自教授。因为学业优异,1932年获巴黎美术学院奖学金,前往巴黎进修,在那里发现了波纳尔的后印象派绘画作品。波纳尔前卫性的作画风格在《花與仕女》中隐约能看到对黎譜的启发。诗一般的梦幻映像,以黎譜十分细腻的东方绘画色彩加深了这幅画的深刻印象。

About The Artist:

LE PHO (1907-2001, Vietnamese) 黎譜

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LE PHO | Lady with Flower

Listed price: $35,000.00

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