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La Dame aux Camelias. 1896.

La Dame aux Camelias. 1896.

Item Description:

Artist: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939)
Size: 29 5/8 x 82 1/4 in./75.2 x 209 cm
Condition: A.
Printer: Imp. F. Champenois, Paris
Reference: Ref: Rennert/Weill, 13, Var. 1; Lendl/Prague, p. 45; Mucha/Art Nouveau, 8; DFP-II, 267; Maitres, 144; Weill, p. 40; Reims, 898; PAI-LXVII, 436
Key Words: Art Nouveau; Artist: Mucha; Theatre; Sarah Bernhardt

La Dame aux Camelias. 1896.
“Alexander Dumas Jr.’s drama... had been very popular since its premier in 1852. Sarah Bernhardt considered it to be the key drama in her repertoire. This is perhaps Mucha’s most beautiful poster. The story of the tragic love of the great courtesan is portrayed in the poster with shocking impact. The figure of the heroine in a white robe leans against a balustrade with a background of silver stars. Her rich swept-back hair is adorned with her favorite flower, the camellia. This heraldic flower is repeated at the bottom of the poster, held by a mysterious hand... The tragedy is also symbolized by the hearts twined by thorny branches in the corners above the figure’s head... Mucha’s ability to characterize the substance of the play for which he created this poster, as well as his ability to express the most beautiful features of Sarah’s personality, was brought to perfection in this poster” (Mucha/Art Nouveau, p. 146).

About The Artist:

ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939)

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