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Kunst-Ausstellung Wien. 1894.

Kunst-Ausstellung Wien. 1894.

Item Description:

Artist: EDUARD VEITH (1856-1925)
Size: 21 1/2 x 31 1/2 in./54.7 x 80 cm
Condition: B / Slight tears and stains at edges.
Printer: Ch. Reisser & M. Werthner, Wien
Key Words: Art Nouveau; Exhibitions

Kunst-Ausstellung Wien. 1894.
This third edition of the Vienna International Art Exhibition was a state-sponsored effort to present as complete a picture as possible of art made around the world at the time. Open submissions were posted, along with several potential prizes, which included a lottery for artworks, as noted in this design. Given the rewards on offer, Veith surely based his central figure on the Greek goddess Nike, who flew around battlefields rewarding victors with glory and fame—and is the art world not its own kind of battlefield?

About The Artist:

EDUARD VEITH (1856-1925)



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