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Jaeger-Lecoultre "ATMOS" Perpetual Clock, Model 540, 13 jewels, by Jaeger-Lecoultre, Switzerland, ca. 1980

Jaeger-Lecoultre "ATMOS" Perpetual Clock, Model 540, 13 jewels, by Jaeger-Lecoultre, Switzerland, ca. 1980

Item Description:

Case: Dial and movement enclosed within a brass and glass case measuring approximately 9 in. tall x 7 3/4 in. wide x 6 in. deep. The bottom of the case with a Presentation plaque.

Dial: Large dial with polished gilt bezel enclosing a white chapter ring with applied gilt Arabic and dart hour indices, the nine and the three standing upright, open dial center to view the movement and gilt Dauphine hands.

Movement: The centrally placed bar style movement inscribed in the dial center, "€œAtmos, Jaeger LeCoultre, 13 jewels, Swiss, (model) 540". There is a large round airless cylinder at the back of the movement that measures changes in air temperature and transmits these changes in perpetuity to a revolving or torsion wire pendulum which causes the large engraved circular pendulum to rotate back and forth and thereby pushes the gear work of the time train.


Currently not functioning and needs servicing. The timepiece is in fine physical condition and appears to be genuine and complete. The case needs to be cleaned. Please contact cataloging@lofty.com for specific condition questions.


Private collection


Height: 9 in.

Width 7 3/4 in.

Depth 6 in.

About The Artist:

The Atmos is a unique table clock in its construction and elegant design. It features a spring balancer movement which is driven by a torsion pendulum. The winding is executed by using temperature differences, not atmospheric pressure. The white numeral ring bears Arabic numbers and is mounted behind minute and hour hands made of brass. The casing is characteristically built from brass and glass. In late 1983, LeCoultre totally redesigned the Atmos and came up with the 540 caliber movement. They also stopped the practice of labeling the models numerically (e.g. -Atmos 0 - Atmos VIII). Their serial numbers start with 600,000 and this temperature driven perpetual timepiece is still being made today under various caliber numbers and model names.


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