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Fulvio Bianconi (Italian, 1915-1996) for Venini A Macchie Glass Vase, Murano, Italy, ca. 1950s

Fulvio Bianconi (Italian, 1915-1996) for Venini A Macchie Glass Vase, Murano, Italy, ca. 1950s

Item Description:

Vase in thick straw-colored glass, the body with an oval cross-section, decorated with abstract motifs on its walls. The front of the vase carries a black (dark amethyst) decoration of overlaid macchie (patches), while on the back there is a lattimo and black glass motif. The vase, which has pronounced shoulders and a short cylindrical neck, is given an iridised finish. Three-line acid stamp on the underside "Venini Murano ITALIA".

Reference: Barovier, Marino and Carla Sonego, ed., "Fulvio Bianconi at Venini", no. 4322 (similar example illustrated)

Exhibitions: 1950, Venice, Italy, 25th Biennale (similar example)

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Appears fine overall, light scratches to the underside. Please contact cataloging@lofty.com for specific condition questions.


Private collection, Italy, inherited by the current owner, 1994


Height 8.75 in.

About The Artist:

The a macchie (with patches) series of vases was exhibited on the occasion of the 25th Venice Biennale in 1950. It included several types of glass objects, including pieces with abstract decorative compositions with superimposed macchie like the subject. Some of the objects are also decorated with images of the master glassmakers themselves. In some cases the decoration was developed around the wall of the piece, in others it is on the main face, or in most cases it is on two opposite sides. Of particular significance are the vases with abstract decorations, which display knowledge of the significant Italian artistic developments of the 1950s, particularly those taking place in Milan and Venice.


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