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FANG SHISHU | Landscape

FANG SHISHU | Landscape

Item Description:

85 x 38 cm
ink on paper, mounted on silk
inscribed and signed in Chinese, stamped with 5 seals of the artist

方士庶(款)《山水》 水墨 絹本 立軸

款識:董文敏謂北苑畫有不作一筆小樹者 秋山行旅圖是也 又有作小樹都只遠觀似樹 其實憑點綴以成形 此即求米氏落茄源委 而畫山即用畫樹之皴 渾然無筆墨跡最為高雅 不在斤斤細巧也 小師道人方士庶畫於天慵書館(右上)

鈐印:小師道人(中上) 方士庶印 (中上)偶然拾得(左下) 另两方(左下)(右下)


“The natural formation of mountains and rivers reveals the innate truth of reality. The hand manifests the workings of the mind. The becoming of illusion to reality lies between the ink and brush, so the ancient pen animates the mountain and tree, the water and the rock, alluding to the spirit beyond heavens and earth. The tonality achieved is akin to the dance of shadows to the tune that is played.” — Fang Shi Shu’s description of the artistic reality beyond.

Fang Shishu was born in Anhui province, China, but grew up and worked in Yangzhou. Born to a salt trader, he raised his station through the imperial examination and held the Shengyuan civil service degree. A Qing literati artist, he is well known for his refined and sensitive brushwork. He was also recognized as one of the best poets and calligrapher of his generation, testifying to his level of cultivation as a Chinese literati.

“山川草木 , 造化自然 , 此实境也。因心造境 , 以手运心 , 此虚境也。虚而为实 , 是在笔墨有无间 , 故古人笔墨具此山苍树秀 , 水活石润 , 于天地之外 , 别构一种灵奇。或率意挥洒 , 亦皆炼金成液 , 弃滓存精 , 曲尽蹈虚揖影之妙。”— 方士庶在其《天慵庵随笔》


About The Artist:

FANG SHISHU (1692-1751, Chinese) 方士庶(款)



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FANG SHISHU | Landscape

Listed price: $55,000.00

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