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Eyvind Earle (American, 1916 - 2000), "God's Country", 1998, oil on masonite, signed

Eyvind Earle (American, 1916 - 2000), "God's Country", 1998, oil on masonite, signed

Item Description:

Signed in and dated in black paint lower right "Eyvind Earle (c) 2 10 1998", in a gilt silver frame


Appears good. Please contact cataloging@lofty.com for specific condition questions. Not examined out of the frame. Lofty does not guarantee the condition or authenticity of frames.


Height 30 in. x Width 40 in. (sight)
Height 35 in. x Width 47 in. (frame)

About The Artist:

Eyvind Earle traveled the world extensively as a youth and received his first solo show in Ascain, France, when he was just fourteen years old. By twenty-three, the artist had a sold out exhibition of his paintings in New York City, from which the Metropolitan Museum of Art purchased at watercolor for their permanent collection.

In 1951, Earle was hired as an assistant background painter at Walt Disney Studios. He created the look of the animated short film "Whistle, Plunk and Bloom" (1953), which won Disney an Academy Award and an award at the Cannes Film Festival. During his decade at Disney, Earle painted the settings for many animated films, notably "Peter Pan" (1953), "Paul Bunyan" (1958), and "Lady and the Tramp" (1959). Earle was the Production Designer, Color Stylist, and Background Painter for the classic animated film "Sleeping Beauty" (1959), responsible for the magical, medieval feel of the film. He also painted five murals at Disneyland, in Anaheim, California, including the dioramas for Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

In 1961, Earle left Disney to establish his own animation company. During this time, United Artists hired him to create the animated trailer for the film "West Side Story" (1961). Earle decided to return to painting full time in 1966. The artist worked in a variety of different media during his long career, including watercolor, oil paint, sculpture, drawing, scratchboard, and silkscreens. The artist also worked on animated television commercials and specials, including "The Story of Christmas" (1963), a special created for Tennessee Ernie Ford. Earle was commissioned to create illustrations for several major American companies and publications during his career, including Reader's Digest, the AT&T phone books, the Chrysler Corporation, and the Kellogg Cereal Company.

Eyvind Earle's singularly distinct mature style has been described as mysterious, primitive, disciplined, moody, and nostalgic. His landscapes show his skill at depicting the American countryside in a completely new manner; they are grand and brooding, yet delicate and simple. "For 70 years," Earle wrote in 1996, "I've painted paintings, and I'm constantly and everlastingly overwhelmed at the stupendous infinity of Nature. Wherever I turn and look, there I see creation. Art is creating "Art is the search for truth."

The artist received the Windsor McCay Award for Lifetime Achievement from the International Animated Film Society in 1998. He passed away at the age of 84.


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