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Edward H. Bohlin Dick Dickson Jr. Parade Saddle

Edward H. Bohlin Dick Dickson Jr. Parade Saddle

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Edward H. Bohlin Dick Dickson Jr. Parade Saddle
Dick Dickson Jr. Parade saddle made by Edward Bohlin for John R. Dow of Kansas City, MO. This black, floral carved Dickson Jr. model is built on a Miles City tree with 13" swells, 15" seat, 3 1/2" cantle and Bohlin's trademark raised buffalo head on the silver horn. The regal 21" long tapaderos include every Parader's requisite engraved silver caps and rope edge cantle cover. Completely matching and adorned with heavy gauge sterling silver engraved diamonds and half-diamonds, this Dickson features a matching breast collar and bridle with face drop and marked Bohlin bit. “JRD” on back of cantle in gold, with engraved “JOHN R. DOW / KANSAS CITY, MO” beneath. Complete with a black and white wool Corona. The entire ensemble is in excellent, 100% original condition. Circa 1950. Includes custom wood stand with sterling silver Bohlin seat plate attached to the bridle holder. Includes letter of identification from James H. Nottage.
This particular style of Bohlin parade saddle was originally designed by and named for movie theatre executive, rancher, and RV regular, Dick Dickson. In the 1930s, the Dick Dickson, Miss Dickson and Dick Dickson Jr. became the most popular parade styles made by the Bohlin company, and remained so for a quarter-of-a-century.

March 30, 2019

The John R. Dow Dick Dickson, Jr. Silver Saddle

By Edward H. Bohlin

John R. Dow was a leading businessman based in Kansas City where during the 1950s and 1960s he served as president of Interstate Bakeries Corp. Actively politically, he was also an avid horseman and judge of horses. Dow often served as a judge for entries in the annual American Royal Livestock and Horse Show held in Kansas City and on formal rides stood out atop his fine Edward H. Bohlin silver mounted saddle with matching bridle, and breast collar.

This classic saddle is basically the Dick Dickson, Jr. model shown in detail in Bohlin’s Hollywood catalogs, notably the extensive 1941 edition. Arguably this pattern of Bohlin saddle was one of the most popular and enduring of the artist’s designs and was adopted by Hollywood movies stars, Rose Parade riders, and others. None other than Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys, used the same model on his famous horse Trigger for television, movies, and personal appearances.

The John R. Dow Bohlin saddle outfit is a classic example of its kind that would grace the collection or home of anyone appreciating the best of equestrian equipment from the era.


James H. Nottage

Near Midnight Pass

About The Artist:

Bohlin, Edward H.

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