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Ed Ruscha (American, b. 1937), "History Kids", lithograph in colors, numbered "29/60", signed

Ed Ruscha (American, b. 1937), "History Kids", lithograph in colors, numbered "29/60", signed

Lofty says:

“The words ‘History’ and ‘Kids’ floating in the air in front of a massive mountain peak brings all sorts of questions to mind. Is the mountain supposed to be the embodiment of accumulated time a.k.a. history? Or is the mountain just a relative kid in the span of time? Trying to make sense of the connections between the image and the words and the words to each other causes a sort of mental paralysis, an unending visual iteration, until one’s eyes just stop and surrender to the pleasant colors and majesty of the whole scene.” - Ursula LeBaron

Item Description:

Numbered "29/60" in pencil lower right, signed in pencil lower left, unframed


Appears fine. Please contact for specific condition questions.


Possibly purchased from the Tate Museum, England, 2013

Private collection


Height 28 in.

Width 29 in.

About The Artist:

Edward Ruscha is an American artist whose work is rooted in the Pop Art movement. Pop Art first emerged in the 1950s in the U.K. and is characterized by the inclusion of references from popular culture such as commercial advertising. Ruscha's work reference the imagery of popular culture.

Ruscha was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1937. As a boy growing up in Oklahoma, he thought about creating a model of all the houses along his paper route. Although he never built it, the childhood plan inspired his later work, the Sunset Strip book, where he photographed a two mile section of Sunset Boulevard. The panorama, that was made into a book, was taken early in the morning so that the street was devoid of people and traffic. Typically, Ruscha's work does not depict human figures.

In 1956, Ruscha came to Los Angeles, California to study painting, photography, and graphic design at the Chouinard Art Institute, presently CalArts. Although Ruscha graduated in 1960, he rejected the Abstract Expressionist style that was promoted by his peers and teachers. Instead, inspired by Jasper Johns' symbolic work Target with Four Faces, Ruscha began to make small collages.

After leaving Chouinard, Ruscha served in the United States Navy and travelled throughout Europe. During his travels, Ruscha refined his collages and began including words and typography. He referenced modern society and commercial culture and sometimes used unconventional mediums and techniques, like drawing with gunpowder. He soon was well-known for his depictions of one syllable words, like "Honk" and "Oof".

Ruscha's first solo exhibition was at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles in 1963. This show featured the artist's word paintings as well large paintings of graphic, simplified Hollywood logos. Ruscha's subsequent works included his series of gas station paintings, where he dramatically divided the picture plane with the station. Painting everyday objects, Ruscha combined images used in mass media and the common view of the urban landscape. His work was dryly humorous, accessible and well received by the public. Ruscha's works are collected by museums and private collectors worldwide. In 1982, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art organized a travelling retrospective of Ruscha's work. Several major exhibitions of Ruscha's work have been shown in recent years, including the European travelling exhibition "Ed Ruscha: Photographer" which opened in Paris, France in 2006.

History Kids is a typographic work that is set against a dramatic blue mountain and red sky. In 2013, a small edition of this print was donated by Ruscha to the Tate Museum in England to help fund the Tate Modern Project. The lithographs were individually numbered and inscribed by Ruscha "For the History Kid Nick", in honor of Nicholas Serota, the director of the Tate museums and galleries.


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Ed Ruscha (American, b. 1937), "History Kids", lithograph in colors, numbered "29/60", signed

Listed price: $38,700.00

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