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Eadweard Muybridge (British, 1830-1904), Throwing a Medicine Ball, 1887, collotype

Eadweard Muybridge (British, 1830-1904), Throwing a Medicine Ball, 1887, collotype

Item Description:

Collotype plate, plate 319 from the publication Animal Locomotion

Impression (recto): "Animal Locomotion. Plate 319/ Copyright, 1887, by Eadweard Muybridge. All rights reserved."


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Height 5.375 in. x Width 18.25 in. (image)
Height 18.75 in. x Width 23.56 in. (sheet)

About The Artist:

Eadweard Muybridge began his most known and influential motion studies under the sponsorship of former California Governor Leland Stamford, in order to settle a wager regarding the continuous locations of a trotting horse's legs. By 1872, he had achieved partial success, settling the bet, and perfected his technique over the next few years. In 1878-1879 his work began to receive international attention. Muybridge’s motion studies were made possible by the development and evolution from the calodian wet plate, to a dry plate process. This development allowed the photographer much greater emulsion speed, enabling him to use shorter shutter speeds (aprox. 1/2000th sec.). A number of his first studies were published in 1881, in the text, Attitudes of the Horse in Motion. After a brief European lecture tour he returned to the United States to work under the patronage of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. The painter and colleague of Muybridge , Thomas Eakins, helped arrange for Muybridge to work at the of University of Pennsylvania, where during the years 1884-1886 he was able to produce some 20,000 plates. His work during this period spanned a spectrum of subject matter. They ranged from nudes and clothed figures, performing ordinary to athletic tasks in his outdoor studio at the University, to wild and exotic animals at the The Philadelphia Zoological Garden. He published in 1887, an eleven volume folio of 781 callotype plates containing over 100,000 individual photographs entitled, Animal Locomotion. This work changed the world’s perception, not only of itself but also of time and reality.

As Muybridge developed his process he also made an important discovery in motion pictures. The "zoopraxiscope," as he entitled it was a primitive motion-picture machine which flashed a series of individual photographs in rapid succession, which the eye perceives as motion, or a moving image. In 1879 his invention was demonstrated privately in America, and later to the world.

Muybridge was born Edward James Muggeridge in Kingston-on-the-Thames, England,1830. He adopted at an early age, the Saxon spelling of his name. He was educated in Kingston before going to work at his family's London based stationery and paper making business. He came to San Francisco in 1852 as a representative for the London Printing and Publishing Co. In the early 1860s, he learned photography from daguerreotypist Silas Selleck, later working for the West Coast landscape photographer Carleton E. Watkins. Soon thereafter, he worked for the U.S. War Department documenting areas of the West Coast. He gained recognition in 1867 for a series of landscapes at Yosemite. The following year, he was the official photographer for the American military presence in the recently-purchased Alaska. He made over 2,000 photographs of the American Far West between 1868 and 1873. He died 1904 in his native Kingston-on-the-Thames.


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Eadweard Muybridge (British, 1830-1904), Throwing a Medicine Ball, 1887, collotype

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