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Deng Lin (Chinese, b. 1941), "Plum Blossoms and Painted Pottery", ink and color on paper, signed

Deng Lin (Chinese, b. 1941), "Plum Blossoms and Painted Pottery", ink and color on paper, signed

Item Description:

Signed and stamped lower left, with label affixed to the reverse, one inscribed "Hefner Galleries, Inc." and one "Ollendorff Fine Arts", old sales tag attached to hanging fixture, matted and framed

Literature: "Deng Lin: Bru

Exhibited: New York City, "Brushworks", Hefner Galleries, 10-29 October 1988


Appears good. Please contact for specific condition questions and to request a full condition report. Not examined out of the frame.


Purchased from Hefner Galleries by current owner, New York


Height 26.5 in. x Width 26.5 in.
Frame: Height 32.5 in. x Width 32.5 in. x Depth 1.75 in.

About The Artist:

Deng Lin was born the eldest of five children in 1941 in China when the country was at war with Japan. Her father, Deng Xiaoping and mother Zhuo Lin, were both political activists and Maoists and joined the conflict at the Communist base in Yan'an, China. Deng was sent to live with a peasant family only a week after her birth while her parents were at Yan'an. As a baby, she endured scurvy and malnutrition before being sent to the base at two years old. She was not reunited with her parents until she was four years old. Deng was a weak and sickly child and focused on non-strenuous activities like painting. In 1967, she graduated from the Central Academy of Fine arts in Beijing, China. However, the beginning of her career was interrupted by political developments.

Deng Xiaoping had been a supporter of Mao Zedong and the formation of the People's Republic of China. Deng's father became the Secretary General of the Secretariat under Mao but was more right wing than the leader. Following the failure of the Great Leap Forward, Mao's program of economic reform, Deng's own economic reforms had restored the country. Fearing a capitalist takeover, Mao took action against Deng and the right wing faction of the Communist party with the Cultural Revolution in 1966. The Cultural Revolution was a ten year period in which Mao regained political power and purged capitalism and cultural and religious aspects from Chinese society. Not only did the country suffer massive economic and social setbacks, but the Cultural Revolution had made Deng and her family the target of Red Guards, MaoÕs militarized social movement. Deng's brother was tortured and paralyzed during his escape from their imprisonment in 1968 and throughout the 1960s and 1970s, their family was forced to endure hard labor on farms and in factories. Deng stayed optimistic and learned to grow through her struggle.

In 1973, Deng's father was reinstated and made deputy premier and she was able to work at the Beijing Art Academy. Once the Cultural Revolution was over and Mao had died in 1976, Deng Xiaoping became the de facto leader of China and tried to reverse the Cultural Revolution with the Beijing Spring. Deng could finally begin her career as a painter. Her style followed the tradition brush and ink technique and her subject matter consisted of delicate trees and blossoms. After a trip to the United States in 1985, Deng's conservative technique was reawakened by new influences like Abstraction. She combined the abstract with the boldness of Chinese Qin and Han dynasty art to illustrate her familiar subjects.

Deng has become an accomplished painter and has also worked with tapestries. Her first show in the United States was at Hefner Galleries in New York City in 1988. She has served as president for the Society for the Excellence of the Fine Arts in the Orient and receives a stipend from the Chinese government.

"Plum Blossoms and Painted Pottery" is an abstraction of the subjects painted in black ink. Deng's formal training in brush and ink shows through the abstracted style as the brushwork is accomplished and expressive. Deng varies the thickness of the lines so certain aspects of the painting reach the viewer first and the details follow. The subtle tonal differences also give the painting an intriguing composition and allow the viewer to recognize forms like the plum blossoms.


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Deng Lin (Chinese, b. 1941), "Plum Blossoms and Painted Pottery", ink and color on paper, signed

Listed price: $2,750.00

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