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Collections and Mixed Lots

Collections and Mixed Lots

Item Description:

Collections and Mixed Lots: A mainly used comprehensive surface printed collection in an album, collected as fine to superb examples, many with c.d.s. cancellations, incl. 1855-57 watermark Small Garter 4d., 6d. deep lilac on azure paper, 1s. deep green, 1862-64 3d. deep carmine-rose, 3d. bright carmine-rose (2), 3d. pale carmine-rose (3), 6d. lilac TF with watermark error, 6d. lilac QG on thick paper, 9d. bistre MF, 9d. straw DG, DL, 1s. deep green BJ, 1s. green GB, KF, 1865-67 4d. vermilion plates 7 to 14 complete also plate 12 DB-EC block of four, 9d. straw TJ, 1867-80 10d. red-brown FD, pale red-brown QJ (2), TG, deep red-brown OB marginal on piece, RJ, 1s. Stock Exchange forgeries plate 5 BJ on piece, EC on piece with 3d. plate 8 and EH on piece, 2s. milky blue LJ, 2s. brown CB, 1867-78 watermark Maltese Cross plate 1 BI, CA, CI, HJ, �1 brown-lilac FJ, 1882-83 watermark Anchor on white paper 5s. plate 4 DB, 10s. greenish grey EA, �5 orange DB, 1873-80 21/2d. rosy mauve on blued paper plate 3 DD, 1s. orange-brown plate 13 FK, 4d. vermilion plate 15 RA, SL, 4d. grey-brown plate 17 GE, IH, 8d. orange AK, CE, ED and NH, also imperforate colour trial in issued colour, CG overprinted "SPECIMEN", 1880-83 1s. orange-brown plate 14 LK-ML block of four, 1881 1d. lilac die II with "PEARS/SOAP" in blue outline letters mint, 1880-81 11/2d. Venetian red used with "V.R." hooded circle, 1883 or 84 lilac and green set, 1883-84 watermark Anchor 5s. crimson HE-IH block of four, 10s. ultramarine BC, CD and NF, 1884 watermark Crowns �1 brown-lilac BA, 1888 watermark Orbs error �1 brown-lilac EB, 1887-92 'Jubilee' to 1s. dull green (3), with 5d. die I, �1 green KD, also 1/2d. vermilion mint, with "PEARS/SOAP" in orange outline letters, etc., a marvellous collection. (535) Photo.

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Collections and Mixed Lots

Listed price: $18,000.00

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