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CHUA MIA TEE | Good Fortune in Abundance

CHUA MIA TEE | Good Fortune in Abundance

Item Description:

100 x 150 cm
oil on canvas, framed
signed and dated 2007 upper left

蔡名智《連年有餘》2007 年作 油彩 畫布
款識:M.T.CHUA 2007(左上)


The painting is overall in excellent condition. Paint layers are stable. Canvas is clean and taut.


It is in this manner that Chua Mia Tee steadfastly holds true to his artistic convictions, as expressed in the recently published monograph, The Art of Chua Mia Tee: A Portrait of a Life’s Work. It would not be an understatement to suggest that Chua Mia Tee is a national painter of Singapore, albeit an unofficial one, intricately linked as his work is to the development and progress of the country. His genesis as a painter in 1950, 15 years before the country’s independence, has allowed Chua to faithfully and truthfully depict the struggles of the country and the individual – a record of an evocative era of collective experiences that underlie the flourishing metropolis that Singapore is today.

It is serendipitous and a long belated honour, then, that Chua Mia Tee was awarded the Cultural Medallion in 2015, the same year that Singapore celebrated its 50th birthday. Distinguished figures from Mr. Yusof bin Ishak to Mr. Ong Teng Cheong and other renowned professionals and personalities have allowed their portraits to be rendered by the artist, in itself an acknowledgement of Chua Mia Tee’s mastery of the formalist principles that were acquired with patience and persistence in his formation as an artist.

It is from the realist Russian painter, IIya Yefimovich Repin (1844 – 1930), that Chua seeks inspiration from. His realist depiction of the two different subject matters as presented by these paintings has brought out a clarity in perspective that may not be necessarily present even in real-life. In these two paintings, he has brought out the endearing naivety of the animals through realist techniques that aptly reflect their dynamism and movement.

正如在《蔡名智的藝術:一生的肖像》裡表達的一樣,蔡名智正是通過這樣的方式,堅持不懈地執著著他的藝術信念。蔡氏可以說是新加坡國寶級畫家,這並不是誇誇其談的,雖然是非官方的,但是綜看古今,從新加坡建國到發展,一系列作品記錄了辛苦經歷到蓬勃社會的一切。1950 年開時畫畫,是新加坡建國前 15 年,蔡氏從一開始就描繪了小國的艱辛,是一個令人回味的集體時代記錄,也是今天大都市的基礎。

2015 年,新加坡慶國 50 週年,蔡名志獲得了文化獎章,這是一個遲來的榮譽。 尤索夫 ·賓 ·伊薩克先生和王鼎昌先生以及其他知名專業人士的肖像都是由蔡氏繪製的,這是他對繪畫技巧的掌握最高的認可。

來自俄羅斯的現實主義畫家伊雅 . 米耶維奇 . 列賓(1844-1930)的作品是蔡氏的靈感來源。他對錦鯉和猴子的現實主義描述,對視角分析得清晰,即使在現實生活中也不一定存在。在這兩幅畫作中,他通過高超的技巧展現了動物的可愛天真,恰當地反映了他們的活力和動作。

About The Artist:

CHUA MIA TEE (b.1931, Singaporean) 蔡名智



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CHUA MIA TEE | Good Fortune in Abundance

Listed price: $55,000.00

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