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Chocolat Menier. ca. 1895.

Chocolat Menier. ca. 1895.

Item Description:

Artist: FIRMIN BOUISSET (1859-1925)
Size: 39 x 58 3/4 in./99 x 149 cm
Condition: B / Slight tears at folds.
Printer: Imp. Pichot, Paris
Reference: Ref (all var but Karcher & PAI): DFP-II, 85; Reims, 237; Maindron 1896, p. 42; Musée d’Affiche, 49; Weill, 75; Masters 1900, 75; Chocolate Posters, Cover & p. 20; Karcher, p. 75; PAI-LXVI, 152
Key Words: Art Nouveau; Children; Food/Drink

Chocolat Menier. ca. 1895.
Most frequently, Bouisset’s design of this young female graffiti artist shows her scribbling “Chocolat Menier” on the blank slate of a wall she has happened upon (see previous lot). In this lesser-seen, later version, the young girl is writing “Eviter les Contrefaçons” (Avoid Substitutes). Regardless of version, the seductive charm of the composition remains, making it one of the most appealing posters by this artist who frequently used children as his theme.

About The Artist:


$ 3,000.00 ( Low est. )
Lot 194 in PAI-LXXXI: Rare Posters
AUCTION DATE: Jul 1, 2020 at 11:00am EDT



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