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CHEN CHU DIAN | Singapore 50th National Day

CHEN CHU DIAN | Singapore 50th National Day

Item Description:

141 x 202 cm
oil on canvas, framed
inscribed, signed Chudian In Chinese and Pinyin; dated 2015 lower right

陳初電《新加坡50週年國慶》2015 年作 油彩 畫布
款識:初電2015年CHEN CHU DIAN
雄視寰宇五十秋 高瞻望矚真理求
東西文明融一體 花園獅城譽全球(右下)


The painting is overall in very good condition. Paint layers are intact with no sign of paint loss. Yellowing of varnish is detected towards the top left corner of painting, as well as the area on top of the eagle.


Born in Shanghai in 1944, Chen Chu Dian is celebrated for his imaginatively composed historical paintings that references facts and events. Chen received formal art training at the renowned Shanghai Theater University Stage Art Faculty, building a strong foundation in painting techniques that would enable him to paint convincingly detailed works that invoke a sense of nostalgia within the audience of his paintings. Between 1977 to 1992, he became progressively well known as his works begun to be collected by many respected public institutions, such as the National Art Museum of Shanghai, and the Art Museum of Jiangsu province.
陳初電出生於1944年的上海,因其豐富的想像力描繪歷史畫面而聞名於世,並參考了事實和事件。陳先生在著名的上海戲劇大學舞台藝術學院接受了正規的藝術培訓,為繪畫技巧打下了堅實的基礎,使他能夠畫出令人信服的寫實作品給人有著一絲懷舊感。 1977年至1992年間,許多公共機構,如上海國家藝術博物館和江蘇省美術館開始收藏他的作品。

In 1993, he moved to Singapore and cemented his reputation as a historical painter when he was commissioned to paint the historically important figure of Dr. Sun Yat-sen in Chinatown. In the painting, he imaginatively composed a scene in which Dr. Sun Yat-sen arrived at Li Chun Yuan theater to give his support for the actors and actresses who are putting on a show to raise funds for the anti-war resistance efforts in China.

Chen exhibits the same wealth of imagination in the painting Singapore 50th National Day, where he places the youthful portraits of the first Prime Minister of
Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and his wife, Madam Kwa Geok Choo, in front of a timeless vista of Singapore. Chen has juxtaposed visual elements that point to different periods in Singapore – namely the Chinese junks of the early to mid-1800s that lie to the left of Mr. Lee, and the Marina Bay Sands behind Mdm. Kwa, which was completed in 2010. In this moving tribute to the leadership of Mr. Lee, and his wife Mdm. Kwa, Chen constructs two perspectives of time in one painting – that of ‘retrospectively looking forward’. Despite the hardship of
governing early Singapore and guiding its transition from a colony to a Republic, Mr. Lee and Madam Kwa are portrayed with optimism and hopefulness. In his right hand, Mr. Lee holds the Proclamation of Singapore, affirming Singapore’s separation from Malaysia as an independent and sovereign state. Singapore 50th National Day is a painting that honours Mr. Lee’s dedication to Singapore
as a founding father, and Mrs. Lee’s quiet but important contributions to the building of Singapore.
陳初電在《新加坡國慶五十週年》也展現了同樣豐富的想像力,他將新加坡第一任總理李光耀先生和他的妻子柯玉芝夫人的青春肖像放在了現代的新加坡遠景中。陳將新加坡的不同時期的視覺元素放在一起 - 即李先生左側的19世紀初至中期的中國帆船和夫人後面於2010年完成的濱海灣金沙。 以此向李先生和他的妻子致敬。 陳初電在一幅畫中構建了兩個時間視角 - “回顧性地向前看”。儘管,建國初期新加坡從殖民統治到共和國所遇到的艱難,李先生和夫人都樂觀和充滿希望地描繪。李先生右手持有“新加坡公告”,確認新加坡與馬來西亞分離成為獨立和主權國家。《新加坡第50屆國慶日》是一幅以讚揚李先生對新加坡建設穩定和做出重要貢獻的作品 。

About The Artist:

CHEN CHU DIAN (b.1944, Singaporean) 陳初電



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CHEN CHU DIAN | Singapore 50th National Day

Listed price: $80,000.00

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