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Attribu Tang Yin 1736, Qing Dynasty? Chinese porcelain vase

Attribu Tang Yin 1736, Qing Dynasty? Chinese porcelain vase

Item Description:

Attribution: Precious Chinese porcelain vase, Qing Dynasty, signed by Tang Yin, 1736, There are following characters on the vase: 1) From Left to right: _________________, Red Phoenix in Morning Sun. One of the Chinese traditional Lucky pictures, saying talented person in the right time. ____________________, January,1736, , Place, _______________- . 2) The very famous seal _________________"", meaning very good precious collection. 3) Seals on the bottom. _______________,, the two are Emperor Qian Long's seals. I don't know the one in the middle. The words around the bottom: ____________. Saying that Tang Ying take advantage of making this vase pot on January, 1736. TangYing was the best porcelain artist. He was good at painting, making poems, making seals and he was famous for making good porcelain. His works were in top quality and were liked by Emperor Yong Zheng and Emperor Qian Long.Translation by expert, PhD: Blue-and-White porcelain Jar. Chinese Inscription on the body: which means: Imperially written in the middle period of the great auspicious month in the first year of Qianlong reign (1736). Produced by ? studio. Seal: which means: The red phoenix flying toward the sun. Inscription on the bottom: which means: On the great auspicious day in the first year of Qianlong of the Great Qing (dynasty), Tang Ying, the imperial bestowed vice director of Imperial Household Office, who also manages the imperial kiln factory, produced (the jar) based on the commission of the emperor. Seals from right to left: Seal 1: Seal of imperial review of Qianlong. Seal 2: Art studio of bamboo art. Seal 3: Imperially used by Qianlong of the Imperial Qing (dynasty). Weight: 10 lb. = 4500 g. Height: 14 inches = 35 cm. Diameter in the middle: 8.5 inches = 21 cm. Diameter at the top: 2 inches = 5 cm. Diameter at the bottom: 2.65 inches = 12 cm. Provenance: from private collection in Florida, USA; Purchased in 1980s -1990's. References: and authenticity report: It is very hard to evaluate Chinese porcelain, because Chinese masters used to make copies of the old porcelain vases,using the same techniques and characters. That was considered not as a forgery, but rather appreciation of the old masters.This vase is contradictable and the research is not finished. The thermo luminescent test was not done, because it is not statistically proven for the age less than 250-300 years. All the potential buyers are strongly advised to consult their agents and seek advice from the specialists before making their bids.Thank you for understanding!
Condition perfect, some aging wear, no major defects. There is one imperfection on the side surface of the vase, above the right wing of the phoenix bird;
Low Estimate: 150000;
High Estimate: 300000;

$ 150,000.00 ( Low est. )
Lot 207 in Asian, European Arts and Antiques, Summer 2017
AUCTION DATE: Jun 24, 2017 at 10:00am EDT


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Listed price: $150,000.00

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Attribu Tang Yin 1736, Qing Dynasty? Chinese porcelain vase

Listed price: $150,000.00

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