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Affiches Charles Verneau. "La Rue." 1896.

Affiches Charles Verneau. "La Rue." 1896.

Item Description:

Size: 92 1/2 x 118 1/2 in./235 x 300 cm
Condition: B / Slight tears at seams and edges.
Printer: Imp. Charles Verneau, Paris
Reference: Bargiel et Zagrodzki, 20; Weill, 64; Driehaus, p. 14; Crauzat, 495; Timeless Images, 50; DFP-II, 786; Wine Spectator, 110; PAI-LXXIII, 446
Key Words: Art Nouveau; Artist: Steinlen

Affiches Charles Verneau. "La Rue." 1896.
“One of Steinlen’s finest lithographic achievements was a huge, six-sheet poster for Affiches Charles Verneau. The bustling street scene is alive with an assortment of colorful Montmartre types, prominent among them the artist’s daughter, Colette, with a hoop, being carefully led by her mother, Emilie. Note how Steinlen shows the working class side by side with the smartly dressed bourgeois, giving them equal dignity—one of his most endearing traits” (Wine Spectator, p. 110). Ruth Iskin indicates that while "this was surely an idealized rendition of the poster's mixed audience... Steinlen was celebrating the street as a democratic space" (Iskin, p. 200). L’Estampe et l’Affiche concluded its ecstatic review of this poster by declaring “One can’t applaud it enough” (1897, p. 20). Seldom available for sale, this poster is best viewed in person to be truly appreciated.

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