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Item Description:

86 x 96 cm
oil on board
signed and dated 97 lower left

拉迪夫.莫西汀《森林》1997 年作 油彩 木板
款識:Latiff 97(左下)


The work is in very good condition. 2 spots of (apprx. ~5mm) paint loss observed at the lower right corner edges. overall paint layer is stable no cracks detected.


“My paintings are always about silence. You don’t need words.”“

— LATIFF MOHIDIN — 拉迪夫.莫西汀

One of Malaysia’s most eminent artists, Latiff Mohidin is celebrated for his unique and powerful art works that are borne out of his exposure to two dominant influences in his life –that of German expressionism and the iconography of Southeast Asia. He is most renowned for his Pago Pago series, an evocative number of works that were completed during his time at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste, in Berlin, Germany. Now, almost half a century after the series was completed, Mohidin is honoured with being the first Southeast Asian artist to have his works exhibit at the Centre Pompidou’s In Focus Gallery this year.
作為馬來西亞最著名的藝術家之一,拉迪夫.莫西汀以其獨特而強大的藝術作品而聞名,而他主要的艺术灵感来自于-德國表現主義和東南亞的文化环境。他最被藏家熟知的是巴戈巴戈(Pago Pago)系列作品,這是他在德國柏林美術學院Hochschule für Bildende Künste時期開始的創作系列。在完成這系列的近半個世紀後,莫西汀很榮幸成為第一位在蓬皮杜藝術中心展出藝術作品的東南亞藝術家。

It was in Berlin that this crossroad of artistic and cultural imprint started to exert its effect on young Mohidin. Going straight from a kampong to Europe after receiving a scholarship, there is a sort of felicitous irony that it was in Berlin that Mohidin ‘discovered’
作為馬來西亞最著名的藝術家之一,拉迪夫.莫西汀以其獨特而強大的藝術作品而聞名,而他主要的艺术灵感来自于-德國表現主義和東南亞的文化环境。他最被藏家熟知的是巴戈巴戈(Pago Pago)系列作品,這是他在德國柏林美術學院Hochschule für Bildende Künste時期開始的創作系列。在完成這系列的近半個世紀後,莫西汀很榮幸成為第一位在蓬皮杜藝術中心展出藝術作品的東南亞藝術家。
Southeast Asia, though his visits to the Dahlem Museum, where the young student drank in tribal iconography from all corners of the world, including that of the Thai and Khmer cultures.
柏林是年輕的莫西汀心中對藝術和文化印記留下深刻烙印的交集點。在獲得獎學金之後,從甘榜鄉村直接前往歐洲,巧妙而又偶然地穆罕默德在柏林“發現了”東南亞,參觀達勒姆博物館(Dahlem Museum)時,年輕的莫西汀大量地像海綿一樣吸取著博物館內的部落圖像,泰國和高棉的文化文物。

Rimba series emerged after Latiff had faced several health problems in the early 1990s and he set himself a challenge, to deepen his level of work and not merely repeat what he had done earlier. “I wanted to develop a new technique that could transmit, consolidate a sense of urgency, vigour.” The present lot, Rimba, is one such work that incorporates both the visual language of German expressionism through simplified shapes and gestural marks, with the raw, primal forms of tribal iconography. Mohidin has brought forth a truly globalised expression, through this biomorphic work that straddles the in-between of Nature and Man.
《森林系列》是莫西汀在90年代早期經歷了嚴重病痛痊癒後給自己一個挑戰 - 就是加深他的藝術實驗,而不只是重複他所做過的。他說: “我要開發一個新的技術,傳遞和鞏固一種毅力和緊迫感。”本作品《森林系列》就聚集了德國表現主義視覺語言,利用簡化的形狀和筆畫性的方式結合原始和部落圖騰的作品。作品傳達了富有跨越自然界與人之間的生物形態生生不息的感知。

About The Artist:

ABDUL LATIFF MOHIDIN (b.1941, Malaysian) 拉迪夫.莫西汀



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