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A set of 4 Egyptian limestone canopic jars

A set of 4 Egyptian limestone canopic jars

Item Description:

A wonderful complete set of 4 Egyptian limestone canopic jars, Late Period, 26th-30th Dynasty, c. 664 - 343 BC, each jar with cylindrical body tapering at bottom to a flattened base, the shoulders rounded with hollowed interior. The lids are sculpted in the form of the Four Sons of Horus, including Baboon-headed Hapy, human-headed Imsety, falcon-headed Qebehsenuef and jackal-headed Duamutef; each preserving pigment for the eyes, face, headdress and collars.Each jar with accompanying lid is intact with minor nicks and weathers and retains some of the resins and essential oil used during the embalming process. Dimensions are as follows: Falcon-headed Qebehsenuef: 11 � in x 6 � in (29.2 x 17 cm); Human-headed Imsety: 11 � in x 6 � in (29.2 x 15.8 cm); Jackal-headed Duamutef: 13 � in x 7 in (64.2 x 17.7 cm); Baboon-headed Hapy: 13 in x 6 � in (32.9 x 17 cm). A rare opportunity to obtain a full set of one of the more iconic items from a proper Egyptian burial! ex-Nomis Antiquities; ex-Simonian family collection, Switzerland, formed in the 1960's.



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A set of 4 Egyptian limestone canopic jars

Listed price: $60,000.00

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