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6 Lucidity Powder Compacts: Estee Lauder & Yves Saint Laurent

6 Lucidity Powder Compacts: Estee Lauder & Yves Saint Laurent

Item Description:

Lot of six powder compacts. Included is Five Estee Lauder and one Yves Saint Laurent powder compacts. Estee Lauder compacts include the Sapphire September birthstone with 1/2 full powder, Peridot August birthstone with full powder, On Your Toes (empty), Diamond Pillow (mostly empty), and Pink Ribbon with full powder. Yves Saint Laurent compact is Jewel Powder Heart with full powder.

Measurement: Sapphire and Peridot 48.5mm tall (not including latch) x 47mm wide x 18mm deep. On Your Toes 59mm diameter (not including hinge/latch) x 18mm deep, Pink Ribbon 50mm wide x 55mm tall x 17.5mm deep (not including hinge/latch), Diamond Pillow 61mm square at widest x 12.5mm wide (not including hinge/latch), Yves Saint Laurent 67mm tall x 68mm wide x 23.5mm deep (not including hinge/latch). Markings: All Estee Lauder compacts have "Estee Lauder" stamped inside near the edge of the powder container, all but Sapphire have the manufacturer round sticker on the outside of the back. The Yves Saint Laurent has the full name stamped on the back with "Paris", Jewel Powder, Net Wt .28 oz./3 g, 62027 with 7 larger print and inside a box. 


Very good condition with minor issues.
Sapphire powder has gauges in powder down to base with surface scratches on the metal.
Peridot; the mirror is intact but has become unglued and the metal has surface scratches.
On Your Toes has some surface scratches visible on the metal.
Diamond Pillow has surface scratches on the metal and the back round sticker is worn clear and slid out of position.
Pink Ribbon has a light tarnish spot on lower case side portion and minor surface scratches.
The Yves Saint Laurent has two pink/red crystals missing from the top, a few tarnish/stain spots, and a small gauge in powder, minor surface scratches. 




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