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19th Century, comprising members of the houses Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Habsburg-Lorraine as related to Princess Maria Antonia of the Two Sicilies (1814-1898), Grand Duchess of Tuscany from 1833 to 1859, including seven miniatures by Michele Albanesi (Italian, 1816-1878), two by Andrea Piazza (Italian, 1803-1838, active in Parma), two by S. Caruson (British, active in London & Naples 1830s-40s), one by Jean Baptiste Desire Troivaux (1788-1860), one signed ‘Guirard’, and seven unsigned; all presented in a large easel-back frame with Maria Antonia at the center. Personages are as follows, listed left-to-right, with relations to Maria Antonia indicated after dates:

Top row: Leopold II (of the Habsburg-Lorraine), Grand Duke of Tuscany (1797-1870, husband), oval, by Piazza, signed with monogram ‘A. P.’, 1-3/4 x 1-1/2 in.; Portrait of a young child, possibly one of Maria Antonia’s children or Ferdinand Philippe (suggested on verso), Duke of Orléans (1810-1842, cousin), oval, 2-1/8 x 1-3/4, by Troivaux, signed; and Maria Isabella of Spain, Queen of the Two Sicilies (1789-1848, mother), signed ‘Guirard’.

2nd row: Maria Carolina of Austria, Queen of Naples and Sicily (1752-1814, grandmother), oval, unsigned; Teresa Cristina of the Two Sicilies (1822-1889, sister), by Albanesi, signed & dated 1837, 3-1/4 x 2-1/2 in.; Antonio, Count of Lecce (1816-1843, brother), 3-3/8 x 2-3/4 in., by Albanesi, signed & dated 183_ [flaking paint]; an unidentified baby reclining, 3 x 2-3/4, by Albanesi, signed & dated 1846 [flaking, split corner]; Maria Carolina (1820-1861, sister), 3-1/4 x 2-5/8, by Albanesi, signed & dated 1837; Prince Luigi, Count of Aquila (1824-1897, brother), 3-1/2 x 2-3/4, by Albanesi, signed & dated 1839 [flaking]; and Princess Luisa of Naples and Sicily (1773-1802, mother-in-law), oval, 3-1/8 x 2-1/4, unsigned.

3rd row: Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies (1806-1878, sister), 3-3/4 x 3-1/8, unsigned; Francis I of the Two Sicilies (1777-1830, father), round, 4-1/2 x 4-3/8, by Caruson, signed & dated 1830 [vertical split along left side]; Princess Maria Antonia, 5-3/4 x 4-5/8, by Piazza, signed [large amount of flaking to green pigment of dress]; Maria Isabella of Spain (1789-1848, mother), round, 4-1/2 x 4-3/8, by Caruson, signed & dated 1830 [moderate flaking]; and Ferdinand II, King of the Two Sicilies (1810-1859, brother), 3-3/4 x 3-1/4, unsigned.

4th row: Princess Maria Amalia of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (1818-1857, sister), 3-7/8 x 3-1/8, unsigned [small area of flaking lower right]; Charles Louis (Charles II, Duke of Parma) of Bourbon-Parma (1799-1883, cousin), by Albanesi, signed & dated 1838, 5 x 4 [small areas of flaking, mold spots]; Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor and Grand Duke of Tuscany (1747-1792, great-uncle by marriage) (or possibly Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor and Francis I of Austria, 1768-1835, uncle by marriage), oval, 5-3/8 x 3-3/4, label on verso reading ‘after Isabey’, unsigned; Princess Maria Luisa Carlota of Parma (1802-1857, cousin, sister of Charles Louis above), by Albanesi, signed & dated 1838, 5 x 4 [1-1/2 in. crack lower right, some flaking]; and Princess Luisa Carlotta of Naples & Sicily, Infanta of Spain (1804-1844, sister), 3-3/4 x 3 in., unsigned.

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