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What our clients say about us

KM, Walterville, OR

“I am very pleased with the evaluation process. It was clear what you needed me to provide - and shortly after providing it I received my evaluation.”

CM, Soquel, CA

“I’m delighted with the customer support from Lofty. I feel very taken care of, and thus have been listing more art for sale since the sale of my first print.”

NV, New York, NY

“I reached out to Lofty as a great alternative to sell my artworks after auction houses told me it would be too expensive for them to ship, and photograph my items at the requested price-point. I'm delighted to work with Lofty.”

MP, Draper, UT

“You have been so pleasant and professional to work with that I will definitely be using Lofty again. Lofty seems to maintain an excellent standard as a business. All the reports I received were excellent and your ratings are very high. Thank you for your services!”

CS, New York, NY

“I am incredibly satisfied with how my sales were handled by the Lofty staff. Everyone I dealt with was professional and responsive and helped to ensure that everything went smoothly. I won't hesitate to use Lofty again, and based on my experience I'll recommend Lofty to anyone I know who has fine art they want to sell.”

KF, New York, NY

“The art we purchased is beautiful and was shipped in great condition. Everything has gone smoothly. We appreciate doing business with Lofty.”

MC, Ontario, CA

“I want to give my compliments to Lofty for their well established art collection. The pieces are wonderfully varied among categories.”

WKS, St. Petersburg, FL

“I received my painting in perfect condition and extraordinarily well packed. It was a wonderful transaction. I will routinely check your website.”

PW, Brooklyn, NY

“We recently submitted our first artwork for listing on Lofty. It is a wonderful environment for art lovers. Submitting was very easy, and we immediately received an evaluation. Thank you so much!”

CC, Ferndale, WA

“I had felt so lost as what to do with all of my mother’s things. Selling them on Lofty was incredibly convenient. Thank you for your services!”

RC, Media, PA

“I was able to easily set up an account and upload pictures, which was a pleasant surprise since I am not tech savvy. Lofty’s website is very stress-free and easy to navigate. Thank you!”

JW, Idaho

“I love that you care about your customers and care about the items you’re selling. It seems that you really want to do what’s best for your clients.”

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