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Referral Partner FAQs and Resources

    • Tutorial: How to Refer to Lofty

    • How Referring Works

How Referring Works

    • Sample Commission Calculator

Commission Calculator

    • How Selling Works

How Selling Works

    • Email Templates

Our goal is to make referring sellers simple and effortless. To that end, we’ve created three sample email templates that you can copy and paste into your replies to sellers you would like to refer to Lofty. Please download them here.

    • Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Lofty’s Referral Partner program?

Lofty’s Referral Partner program provides a new approach to handling incoming leads that are not directly relevant to your core business, offering prospective sellers a trusted alternative and generating referral revenue for you. The process is simple: When you receive inquiries to purchase pieces of art that you do not want to buy or broker, you refer those clients to Lofty. We’ll handle the evaluation, listing, and sales process, and share our commission with you when their item sells.

How are referral commissions paid?

Referring clients is easy through your designated account manager. After that, you simply sit back and receive item commissions on a monthly basis. Every time an item from one of your clients sells on Lofty, you’ll receive 20% of Lofty’s commission for the first 25 items sold by each referral. We’ll keep you updated regularly on the status of each referral, and you’ll receive payment via ACH or check at the end of any month in which sales are finalized. Once you make an introduction, you can leave everything else to us — you’ll continue to benefit from your clients’ sales on Lofty long after your initial introductions.

What types of items should I refer?

Lofty specializes in fine and decorative art that our experts believe would sell for at least $1,000 or more on the secondary market.  We frequently work with pieces up to $500,000 in value. We welcome referrals of paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, silver, glass, ceramics and jewelry, and we have experts in our network who can accurately evaluate pieces in these categories based on photographs.  Unfortunately, at this time we do not assist referrals looking to sell furniture, rugs, artist self-submissions, ivory or guns.

What can my referrals expect from Lofty?

When you make a referral to Lofty, here’s what happens next:

  1. We contact your referral to gather the information needed for our experts to provide a free estimate of value.
  2. Lofty provides estimates for your client’s approval.  If they agree to consign, we list their item for sale and begin to actively market it to prospective buyers.
  3. When the item(s) is sold we take care of the shipping at no cost to your client, we send the client their proceeds, and we send you your commission.

As a Referral Partner, rest assured that we will make the selling process seamless and straightforward for all of your clients. Once you make an introduction, you can leave everything else to us. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to your dedicated account manager.

How can I submit referrals to Lofty?

There are several easy ways to refer clients to Lofty:

  • Submit information via your custom landing page on your client’s behalf to ensure we can track your referral activity.
  • Send the link to your custom landing page to clients, and remember to copy your account manager for quick follow-up.
  • Directly introduce clients to your dedicated account manager via email for a personal touch.

How do I fill out my landing page on behalf of a client?

Visit your landing page and submit information about the client as if you were them. If you don't know their first or last name, input "UNKNOWN". If you don't know their phone number, enter "NA". If you don't know their email address, enter "". In the item information field, please make sure to enter at least the artist or maker's name (e.g. "Painting by Miro"). Finally, if you don't have photos of the piece, simply leave them off. You can email or your account manager with any further questions!

What is my personal liability for clients I refer to Lofty?

Referral Partners are not held liable for the authenticity or condition of items submitted or sold by clients referred to Lofty. Lofty is solely responsible for vetting, evaluating, and accurately cataloguing all referred items listed for sale on our website, and we stand behind every item we sell with a 7-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

How can I increase my referral activity?

Lofty’s most active Referral Partners employ several creative methods for increasing referral activity.  One easy way to get started is to search your old mail for past inquiries and forward them to your account manager.  If you’d like to learn more about how to boost your referral activity and earn additional commissions, contact your account manager or email to schedule a call.

Who is eligible to become a Referral Partner?

Lofty partners with a variety of professionals to help their clients sell fine and decorative art that our experts value at $1,000 or more. Lofty referral partners include fine and decorative art dealers, personal property appraisers, auction houses, art advisers, conservators, framers, and estate liquidators.  Any professional who works with clients interested in selling art and antique items is eligible to apply to partner with Lofty and take advantage of our referral program.

How do I become a Referral Partner?

Becoming a Referral Partner is simple!  Just fill out this form, and a knowledgeable Account Executive will schedule a convenient time to walk you through the registration process and answer any questions you have about our program. There are absolutely no fees to join, and once you’re on board, you can begin referring immediately.

How can I recommend a new Referral Partner to Lofty?

We’re always delighted to be introduced to prospective Referral Partners.  If you know any art professionals who might be interested in Lofty’s program, please make an introduction by emailing or direct them to this form and a knowledgeable Account Executive will reach out.  If your introduction results in a signed referral agreement with a new partner, we will share an introductory bonus as thanks for helping us grow our network!