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How to Measure Prints and Posters Like an Expert

Accurately measuring prints and posters can be challenging. This guide will give you the tools to accurately measure your prints. Before handling your prints, make sure your hands are clean and dry, and use gloves if you have them.

The standard format for reporting measurements of a print is as follows: Height x Width. For a framed artwork, use this format: Height x Width x Depth.

Our experts need three different measurements for your print: Sheet, Image, and Plate. If the work is in a frame, we also need to know the Sight and Frame measurements.

Sheet: Measure the entire sheet of paper. If your item is in a frame, you may not be able to take this measurement. See red line. 

Image: Measure the colored area. See yellow line. 

Plate: Plate marks are a faint indentation surrounding the image, usually square or rectangular in shape. See blue line. 

Sight: The area of the artwork that is visible inside the mat or frame. See orange line. 

Frame: The overall size of the frame. See purple line. 

How to measure prints

How to measure prints

How to measure prints
Measuring tools

  • Seamstress tape: soft and flexible, good for measuring circumference, three-dimensional objects, or curved objects
  • Measuring tape: rigid, can be hooked onto a frame or canvas, good for measuring straight items that are longer than one foot
  • Ruler: rigid, good for measuring straight items smaller than one foot, particularly small items that can be laid directly on the ruler


  1. Place the “Zero” end of your ruler at one end of your print (the “Zero” end is usually on the left side of the ruler)
  2. Make sure the end of your ruler is flush (in line) with your print
  3. Adjust your ruler so that it is aligned with your print
  4. Move to the opposite side of the print you are measuring and read the ruler