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New Haven R.R./Snow Trains.

New Haven R.R./Snow Trains.

Item Description:

Artist: SASCHA MAURER (1897-1961)
Size: 28 x 42 in./71 x 106.8 cm
Condition: B
Printer: Latham Litho., Long Island City, N.Y.
Reference: Ref: PAI-XXVI, 376 (var)

New Haven R.R./Snow Trains.
“One of the rails’ most innovative and successful responses to the traffic loss of the early thirties were special snow and ski trains. . . . The ski bug soon caught on in Manhattan where Saks Fifth Avenue and the New Haven co-sponsored their first New England ‘Snow Trains’ in 1933. . . . Shortly thereafter it commissioned Sascha Maurer, himself a skiing enthusiast, to advertise the trains. Maurer focused his designs on the sport’s invigorating action appeal, creating a series of dynamic, eye-catching images that featured people with happy faces and in bright colors; in all a welcome escape from the Depression-era drabness” (Travel by Train, p. 97).

About The Artist:

SASCHA MAURER (1897-1961)



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