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A beautiful Roman bronze strainer

A beautiful Roman bronze strainer

Item Description:

A beautiful Roman bronze strainer, c. 1st Century BC - 1st Century AD, the handle topped with an incised lotus the end of the handle looped for suspension. The deep bowl exceptionally preserved with four quadrants containing the letters SANO divided by pierced lines and bordered by pierced circles; the rim wide with rounded rim. The Latin word SANO is a form of SANUS and relates to health and sanity. This indicates that the strainer may have had a specific use relating to a health elixir, or was perhaps a pleasant blessing of health when used for the common purpose of straining wine. A fantastic example of high quality workmanship! L: 9 3/4 in (24.6 cm). Beautifully patinated and with custom metal base. Ex estate of Seward Kennedy, New York. Mr. Kennedy worked for decades as a lawyer for the Mobil Corporation, and acquired his collection throughout decades of travel beginning in the 1950's.




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