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Stanley William Hayter

Stanley William Hayter (1901–1988), founder of Atelier 17, was a British painter and printmaker associated with Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism. Born in London, he studied at King’s College at London University and ran a printmaking studio in Paris throughout the 1930s.  He began experimenting with soft-ground etching, gaffrauge, open-bite, scorper, and other techniques, all loosely based on the Surrealist and Jungian concepts of subconscious images and automatism.  In 1950, he continued to experiment with color printing, including the use of Flowmaster pens, disparate and fluorescent colors, and fluid, interlacing patterns. Beginning in the 1970s, he reintroduced figurative elements into his works, combined with a bright palette and loose brushstrokes.

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