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Founded more than 175 years ago, Gorham Silver sets the standard for quality American silver. Gorham expertise ranges in sterling and silver plates, foundry for bronze sculpture, fine tableware, gifts, and barware. Founded in Providence, Rhode Island by Jabez Gorham, Gorham’s primary product was coin silver spoons. The company also sold, jewelry, thimbles, combs and other items. Gorham expanded the premises to downtown Providence and introduced mechanized production methods to broadened the product line. During 1852, Gorham toured European manufacturers and silver workshops in search of highly skilled workmen to train American workers. Gorham opened stores in New York City on Fifth Avenue as they experienced the heyday of American silver manufacturing during 1850-1940. Gorham Silver has received many notable commissions. It has been used during many administrations in The White House. In 1859, Mary Todd Lincoln purchased tea and flatware used for a tea service presented to the National Museum of American History. Mrs. Ulysses S. Grant asked Gorham to commemorate the country's one-hundredth anniversary with a Century Vase that contained over 2,000 oz of sterling silver. George W. Bush selected Gorham's Chantilly as the flatware on Air Force One. Gorham artisans sculpted the George Washington monument, the statue of Theodore Roosevelt, and the famous Independent Man. Its foundry is listed over 700 times in the inventory of American sculpture in the Smithsonian archives. 

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