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Scarce 1967 LBJ in LA Handbill

Scarce 1967 LBJ in LA Handbill

Item Description:

On June 23, 1967, President Lyndon Johnson was attending a $500-a-plate fundraising dinner at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City. That afternoon thousands of demonstrators gathered at nearby Cheviot Hills Park for a march through Century City and in front of the hotel to protest the Vietnam War. As the crowd marched from Cheviot Hills Park towards the Century City Hotel, a force of 1,300 riot-helmeted officers carrying guns and nightsticks was poised to take action. Based on information from an informer who had attended protest planning meetings, they had been briefed that some demonstrators might try to unleash mice and cockroaches, or detonate stink or smoke bombs in the hotel and the storm the lobby. The informer, however, failed to explain that protest organizers had rejected these suggestions from audience members at public meetings and instead stressed that the march would be non-violent.

Police considered the crowd to be potentially dangerous to the President and announced over a loudspeaker that because the crowd had stopped marching, it was an illegal assembly, and the demonstrators were ordered to disperse. Police made three more dispersal orders that began, “In the name of the people of the State of California, I declare this to be an unlawful assembly,” only to be drowned out by the chant of the marchers replying, “We are the people. We are the people.” Soon, a line of police officers started pushing the crowd, but there was no place for the crowd to disperse. Police began prodding the demonstrators with nightsticks. People began to fall down, and the police began to act indiscriminately, attacking children, the elderly, and disabled people. For nearly 90 minutes, Los Angeles police officers beat, kicked, and verbally abused hundreds of protestors. All in all, more than 500 people filed complaints and statements with the ACLU, but the Board of Police Commissioners and the Mayor quickly ruled that the police had taken proper action.


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