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1948 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible

1948 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible

Item Description:

Year 1948
Make Cadillac
Model Series 62
Ext. Color Blue
Int. Color Red
VIN 486205667
Run Number: S666
Consignment Number: 9154

Vehicle to be offered for Auction sale June 2nd - 4th, 2017 at Russo and Steele's 5th Annual Newport Beach, California Auction. Please contact us for more information. Long and rightly advertised as the Standard of the World, GM's Cadillac Division finally reached the summit of America's fine car market during 1947, when it convincingly outsold its old archrival Packard by nearly 11,000 units. Without doubt, Cadillac's postwar success was based on equal parts of advanced engineering, embodied by Cadillac's groundbreaking overhead-valve V-8 engine to come in 1949, and the renowned stylistic genius of Harley Earl and his design team. Inspired by Earl's appreciation of the sleek and futuristic Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter aircraft of WW II fame, Cadillac's signature tailfins debuted for 1948 and remained a design hallmark of GM's luxury division for over 15 years. The origins of this iconic Cadillac design feature actually dates back to the late 1930s, when, through a friend's influence, Earl was able to arrange a field trip with his designers to Selfridge Field near Detroit. There, they were able to examine an early example of the top-secret and radical, almost otherworldly Lockheed P-38 Lightning twin-boom, twin-engine fighter aircraft. Originally designed to meet an Air Corps specification for a fast, heavily armed interceptor aircraft, the Lightning was quickly developed and proven over many variants and soon became legendary for its speed and effectiveness in a wide variety of combat roles during World War II. Based on the visit to Selfridge Field, a series of 3/8-scale Interceptor design studies and models were developed by Earl's designers, which included eventual GM design head Bill Mitchell and Franklin Q. Hershey, who would later be instrumental in the development of Ford's original two-seater Thunderbird. The Interceptor project gained steam during the early 1940s, led by Julio Andrade, Harley Earl's assistant and despite their futuristic promise, the tailfins that would eventually grace the 1948 Cadillacs were the main product of the effort. The 1948 Cadillac models would also feature exceptionally sleek body styling, handsome egg-crate radiator grilles, and a one-year-only rainbow inspired instrument panel. Power was delivered for the final year by Cadillac's venerable 150-horsepower, 346 cubic-inch L-head V-8 engine. This 1948 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible Coupe is believed to have carried President Harry S. Truman in an Iowa campaign parade. Benefiting from a frame-up restoration to original specifications and original charm. Handsome and historic from the first model year of Cadillac's famous tailfins, this car looks and drives much like the day it left the showroom when new. A great investment and a wonderful historical piece, it clearly demonstrates Cadillac's leadership of the postwar American fine-car market. Please Note; There is no written documentation regarding President Truman's connection.




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