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U.S. Coins and Collectibles #58001

U.S. Coins and Collectibles #58001

Item Description:

Treasure trove of stuff. Lucite paper weight with uncirculated 1969 Lincoln pennies 2 3/4 inches square, 1 1/2 inches tall. Metal Kennedy half dollar coin bank, 2 1/2 inches diameter. 1952 Franklin half in bezel. $100 bills advertising "Regions" refrigerator magnet. Beneficial Savings Fund of Philadelphia with 29 Roosevelt dimes (mostly silver). 1972 Ike dollar "With the Bullish Best Wishes of Louis Rukeyser." Cigarette lighter with 1964 Kennedy half dollar. North Carolina Quarter and a speck of real gold. Ike dollar celebrating the 20th anniversary of Numismatic News. 1855 quarter holed, love token. 1940-D Mercury dime. 1876 quarter counter stamped. 1853 half dime, holed. Unidentified copper piece. Misc. bag with 7 clad Kennedy halves, 7 silver quarters, 1898 Indian Head penny,other coins. State: City: Date:

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